Interface User

  • public interface User
    Available fields from the user in Artifactory DB, or object provided by authenticate realms override to set user info data.
    Fred Simon
    • Method Detail

      • getUsername

        String getUsername()
      • isAdmin

        boolean isAdmin()
      • isPolicyManager

        boolean isPolicyManager()
      • isWatchManager

        boolean isWatchManager()
      • isReportsManager

        boolean isReportsManager()
      • isEnabled

        boolean isEnabled()
      • isUpdatableProfile

        boolean isUpdatableProfile()
      • getPrivateKey

        String getPrivateKey()
      • getPublicKey

        String getPublicKey()
      • isTransientUser

        boolean isTransientUser()
      • getGroups

        String[] getGroups()
      • getLastLoginTimeMillis

        long getLastLoginTimeMillis()
      • getLastLoginClientIp

        String getLastLoginClientIp()
      • isAnonymous

        boolean isAnonymous()
      • setEmail

        void setEmail​(String email)
      • setAdmin

        void setAdmin​(Boolean admin)
      • setPolicyManager

        void setPolicyManager​(Boolean policyManager)
      • setWatchManager

        void setWatchManager​(Boolean watchManager)
      • setReportsManager

        void setReportsManager​(Boolean reportsManager)
      • setEnabled

        void setEnabled​(Boolean enabled)
      • setUpdatableProfile

        void setUpdatableProfile​(Boolean updatableProfile)
      • setPrivateKey

        void setPrivateKey​(String privateKey)
      • setPublicKey

        void setPublicKey​(String publicKey)
      • setGroups

        void setGroups​(String[] groups)
      • setUserProperty

        void setUserProperty​(String key,
                             String value)
      • setUserProperties

        void setUserProperties​(Map<String,​String> userProperties)