Interface FileLayoutInfo

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    public interface FileLayoutInfo
    extends Serializable
    Module related information (group, artifact, version, etc.) for a file, as it was extracted according to the layout of the repository the file is part of.
    Yoav Landman
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      • getOrganization

        String getOrganization()
      • getModule

        String getModule()
      • getBaseRevision

        String getBaseRevision()
      • getFolderIntegrationRevision

        String getFolderIntegrationRevision()
      • getFileIntegrationRevision

        String getFileIntegrationRevision()
      • getClassifier

        String getClassifier()
      • getCustomField

        String getCustomField​(String tokenName)
      • isValid

        boolean isValid()
      • getPrettyModuleId

        String getPrettyModuleId()
      • isIntegration

        boolean isIntegration()